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Use the official WhatsApp API and never get banned for sending thousands of messages. WhatChimp offers the lowest cost 🤑 with 0% markup fees on Meta API, unlike others who add 20-25%.

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Unlike other WhatsApp BSPs, we charge 0% markup fees on top of the official WhatsApp Official API

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Using WhatChimp for my clients' lead nurturing has been a game-changer. The transparent pricing and user-friendly interface made it easy to set up, and we've seen significantly better responses and engagement rates. Highly recommend!

Rohan Chaubey

Startup Growth Advisor

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Increase in customer engagement

We've seen significantly improved response times and higher customer satisfaction rates. The ability to personalize messages and automate responses has streamlined our support processes. WhatChimp has become an essential tool for enhancing our customer support.

Ritwik Ahlawat

SaaS Founder

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Reduction in response time

We were constantly seeking a reliable communication solution for our clients that wouldn't lead to banned numbers or exorbitant costs. WhatChimp has been instrumental in managing our bulk messaging campaigns. It's incredibly user-friendly and efficient.

Pulkit Gupta

Business Growth Consultant

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Increase in campaign reach

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer all your questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

You must completely transfer an existing number to the business platform if you wish to use it in the WhatsApp customer or business app. You won`t be able to access the WhatsApp customer or business app after the number is moved. For further information, go to Migrate App Phone Number to Business Platform.

Facebook does indeed have a messaging fee structure. Businesses using the WhatsApp Business Platform are charged per conversation. Each WhatsApp Business account will receive 1K free conversation per month. The pricing plans are available at this link.

You must control your business accounts, WhatsApp business account, phone number, and payment mechanism in order to use WhatsApp. Nothing is under our control. You`ll be in charge of everything.
No, the business and the app`s approval are not required. Business verification is necessary.

No, and that’s a good news for you!

Our tool uses the official WhatsApp Cloud APIs that any business can access directly without going through a BSP.

You can generate the API credentials directly from the WhatsApp portal and either build your own custom system to send and receive messages or use a pre-built tool like ours.

With us all you need to do is put those API credentials in and you’re ready to go with no coding knowledge required on your end.

Not just that, as you manage the APIs directly you have full control over the billing of your API usage so no need to pay the extra 15 – 20% premium that the BSPs charge on top of WhatsApp’s default per-conversation pricing.

So you more control and you save more with us!

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